Gemini Quilting Ruler - Set 2

Brand: Gemini

£24.95 Inc-VAT

Product Ref: GEM-QUILTR-2

Product Info

  • Ruler includes anti-slip technology coating on both sides
  • Includes 5 different shapes to enable you to create various patterns
  • Features a 1/4" grid line to help with accuracy

This Gemini Quilting Ruler features 5 different designs, enabling you the freedom to create numerous designs from each one. The ruler is made from a durable acrylic and all the curves have been smoothly cut for the rulers to glide effortlessly with your sewing machine.

The Gemini Quilting Ruler also features an anti-slip coating on both sides, which gives the ruler a sustainable grip on fabric, enough to still glide but offering you a high level of accuracy. To also help you with accuracy while using this ruler, it features printed grip lines at 1/4" intervals.

You will need a 'ruler foot' appropriate to your machine in order to use the ruler in conjunction with your sewing machine. Alternatively you could use it as a tool to mark out your quilting design and then sew along the drawn lines in the usual way.




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